Daily life

Sunday well spent

We went to Sunday School for the first time today. Thank God, Jolene behaved so well during that time, because she had a good nap before. Napping with mummy in the car, while daddy was driving was a really game changer. She had very good mood through entire time.

I know she doesn't know yet about Sunday School, at least she is familiar with praising, worshiping and listening to the bible. Now I just hope we can attend the Sunday School regularly 🙏🏻 (well you know how lazy we are on day off).

Later after Church we went to Calibre, our current fave place to have coffee (husband's, not me, strictly no coffee still, I ordered green tea latte instead). We took some photos of Jolene which turned out kinda blurry but ok lah. Hahaha.

Home at 4:30 took Jolene to bath, and handed to husband, so I could do 30 minutes yoga. I felt sooooo good. My body needs a real stretch. Just started to do yoga this week and hope I can do it at least twice a week, for sake of healthy body and mind. Hahaha. I saved Sarah Beth's postnatal 30 minutes Yoga video from youtube. Really a saver!

And my Sunday is well spent today.

Have a good week ahead!


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