Quitting coffee (temporarily)

Jolene has been sleeping around 10-11:30 this past month and I have been wondering why. She is a very good baby by day, but very cranky by night, almost every night when bed time. She drives me crazy! 

Babies need to sleep a lot because it’s important for their rapid mental and physical development. And surely husband need some good sleep because he has to wake up early in the morning for work. So I really concern about Jolene’s sleeping time. I have tried adjusting her nap time here and there but no significant result. 

Then my husband told me, maybe it happens because of my coffee intake. How could I give up coffee? It keeps me alive and sane and happy. I have coffee 2 cups a day, every morning with my breakfast around 8-9 and every afternoon around 4-5. I like my coffee sweet by adding milk/creamer so it’s not strong at all. Plus, I drank coffee during my pregnancy, my obgyn said it’s fine as long as I take 1 cup a day. So I think my husband suggestion does not make any sense at all. 

Last week, he sent me this article and it says:

If your baby seems particularly wakeful or fussy and there is a significant amount of caffeine in your diet, you might want to cut back or stop the caffeine for 2-3 weeks to see if it makes a difference.

He asked me to give it a go, 2-3 weeks only and let see. I thought I am so selfish if I am not trying, so I said okay, let’s do it! 

So today is my third day not drinking any coffee all day. Instead I drink milk, taste good also, but not as good as coffee (puhlease..). And errr.. do you know what? Jolene went asleep around 9 these past three days…  Seriously? Was it my coffee intake that make her so cranky these past few months? If it’s true that it will break my heart 😭.

I think I really need to see few more days/weeks ahead and I will decide whether I should give up coffee at all (as long as breastfeeding) or not. 


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