A whole package called baby

I want tell you about Jolene sleeping time this past month. It’s been tough and rough and a lot of drama. 

I nurse her around 9 and she usually sleep on my lap and I just move her on the bed. She sleeps on the bed around 10. That is when I am lucky. Unlucky me, that is not it, most of the time. 

Mostly when I move her on the bed she wakes up. I will carry her as fast as I can so she can go back to sleep. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. She wakes up with wide eyes open and demands playtime. I try to nurse her again and of course she rejects it.  

There were times when I am too exhausted, I just lay her on the bed, crying out loud, because I can’t figure out what she wants. It drives me crazy. Seriously.

Then one time, when she cried out loud, I carry her, kissed her on her soft and fluffy cheek. I realized I love her too much I have to bare with her no matter what. Tears went down. I said sorry to her, I carried her tightly and in five minutes she dozed off. 

A baby is a whole package: of sweetness and bitterness. Cherish it. Embrace it. Or simply said: suck it up. She is a human after all. She can have her time. 

Now when she acts up like any of that above I will just play with her until she is ready to go to bed. Like right now, it’s 11:35 pm. Hahahaahahahahahahah. Wish me luck! 


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