Marriage Life

Husband’s trip to Japan

I just put Jolene to sleep and I think to write something because heck this blog is so abandoned. 

So my husband is in Japan for the next few days (office trip). It’s his third time going there, so lucky, he doesn’t even like sushi! Please take me there some other time! 

I felt sad saying goodbye to him yesterday, a lil bit teary eyes as soon as the taxi came and he kissed me and Jolene. I know I am a cry baby T_T. But today as he touched down in Hokkaido and sent me this:

… I feel… happy. Hahaha, so weird, I am a weirdo. Seeing him in that picture is like seeing… Jolene (they look alike so much) and he looks cute with the ear muff hahaha.

My next few days will be filled with a lot of online window shopping : makeup and skincare because they keep me happy, they keep me sane =D. 

(Easy pa, no purchasing, just window shopping, I am really truly deeply aware that I don’t have monthly salary now T_T)

Ok, lets go to sleep, have a good night everyone. 

Oh, I want to thank anyone who invented video calls and wifi. Bless your soul!


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