Weaning Time

Jolene is almost 23 months now. Seriously I am so tired nursing her this past couple weeks. She has been latching on me every-time she wants to sleep/nap, but sometimes she just wants the comfort. This is the typical nursing time: She said out loud she wants to be nursed and go to bed (nenen … Continue reading Weaning Time



It's 2 30 am. Yes you read it right. 2 30. Am. Jolene went to bed at 8 pm, and earlier she had 3 hours nap 11 to 2 pm. So I think I hit the jackpot, because she usually sleep at 10pm. And then.. At 11 pm.. She's up.. Fully awake.. Until now.. Y? … Continue reading Y U NO SLEEP?

Notes untuk anak ke 2

Judulnya bukan kode ya, hahaha, belom planning punya anak ke 2 dalam waktu deket kok. Banyak hal-hal bodoh yang aku lakukan dan hal-hal baik yg tidak dilakukan pas Jolene lahir. Namanya juga mama newbie. Jadi sekarang aku mau breakdown apa aja biar nanti lebih pinter aja: Tidak minum kopi! Sudah cukup Jolene bobonya malem2, rewel … Continue reading Notes untuk anak ke 2


By 10 am, I have Made Jolene's breakfast Fed her Did her laundry Showered (both of us) Mopped the floor And now I'm nursing Jolene (she is half asleep to her morning nap) I have achieved so many things in such an early morning, I think I am kind of a superhero. 😅